iOS developer - Prague

You are an experienced iOS developer and want an opportunity to improve and develop your skills. You like interesting tasks and your mind needs fresh challenges. We need responsible and reliable experienced developers for iPhone/iPad applications.

You have:

At least two years practice.
Good knowledge of Objective-C 2.0 and the iOS SDK.
Good knowledge of C/C++ is an advantage.
Average technical knowledge of English is required.

Develop applications that people will give 5 stars to. Produce readable, maintainable and efficient code. Contribute ideas. Embrace cutting-edge technologies and approaches. Learn new things while working.

In your day job:

You will work on innovative long-term projects.
You will be confronted with problems that will require you to think.
You will be proud, because your code will be run daily by millions of users.


Middle-sized Czech-German Software & Consulting company providing broad range of IT services to some of the Europe’s biggest media groups and publishing companies.
Situated in Prague at Palackeho Namesti. Beautiful views, nice office, friendly team.

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