JavaScript Frontend Engineer - Prague

You are able to create and deliver quality JavaScript. You can use frameworks but are proficient in plain JavaScript. You like interesting tasks and your mind needs a fresh challenge every now and then. You are a professional or a talented junior that wants to go pro.

We want you to come and work for us!


Understanding of JavaScript in browser environment: Events, Closures, DOM, AJAX...
Knowledge of the latest CSS3 techniques (canvases, transforms, typography, etc.)
Attention to user experience
Fast and eager learner
At least an intermediate knowledge of English (company's communication language)
Ability to meet deadlines

Job description

Invent and create web apps that people will give 5 stars to. Produce readable, maintainable and efficient JavaScript code. Contribute with ideas. Embrace cutting-edge technologies and approaches. Learn new things while working.
In your daily job:
You will work on large long-term projects.
You will never get bored, because you will develop apps for all kinds of mobile devices, TVs (SmartTv or HBBTV capable) as well as desktop browser applications and most recently for XBOX One, too.
You will be confronted with problems, which will require you to think.
You will be proud, because your code will be run daily by millions of satisfied users.


Middle-sized Czech-German Software & Consulting company providing broad range of IT services to some of the Europe’s biggest media groups and publishing companies.
Situated in Prague at Palackeho namesti. Beautiful views, nice office, friendly team is how we are in a nutshell, but there is more to be taken advantage of! We offer language courses, team sport activities and the most important – we will never let the play instinct in you to die out. Just like our Boss, we fancy new ideas and freaky gadgets.

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