mineus ePaper solution

mineus presents the first ever HTML replica publishing solution that completely eliminates the need for PDF, Flash or high-resolution images.

A self-developed PDF2HTML method is used, which takes PDF documents and generates HTML files that represent a lossless 1:1 replica of the PDF and are optimized for use on mobile devices.

The solution enables publishers to offer digital replicas on all devices, standalone in a web browser or in a native app.

Benefits of the solution include:

  • approximately 50% smaller file size than the comparable PDF
  • about 10% of the file size of a comparable high-resolution JPEG
  • high quality text zooming
  • available for iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Kindle Fire, BlackBerry, desktop browser and smartTV
  • high scalability of the back end computing power
  • easy integration into existing apps and expandable to customer specific requirements

In addition to the ePaper Publishing Framework, mineus also provides services for publishers and broadcasters in the CMS implementation area (for example, eZ Publish), and with app development for mobile and smartTV.

some screenshots:

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